OEM Kia Sephia Parts and Accessories

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During its production run, the Kia Sephia went through several generations between 1992-2003. It played a role in establishing Kia as a player in the global automotive market, but was discontinued as car design evolved and the market shifted towards more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles. It has been succeeded by other Kia models like the Spectra and Forte.

Common Repairs and Replacements for the Kia Sephia

If you are still driving a Kia Sephia, you may still have another few hundred thousand miles on it as long as you’ve kept up with its routine maintenance schedule. As you start to hit over 150,000 miles, there are some fluids that will need to replaced like brake fluid, engine coolant, and transmission fluid. There are also some other critical parts that will need to be replaced like spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filters.

Other repairs that may be needed: